5 Hemorrhoid Treatment Methods That Can be Done at Home

Hemorrhoids can be caused by a variety of things and lack of treatment can make the symptoms worse. Hemorrhoids are found in every human being. Nonetheless, the minute they start swelling up, they can cause severe pain. Different techniques are often used to diagnose hemorrhoids. Physical examination is usually the most used. The simplicity in diagnosis depends on whether the hemorrhoid is inside the rectum or outside. There are different treatment methods that one can use once they are diagnosed. Outline below are some of the most common treatment methods.

Start Including Fiber Into Your Diet
There is so much that fiber can do for you when you include it in your diet. The most important one is that it is good for bowel movements. As a matter of fact, your digestive system needs fiber to work efficiently. Fiber is known for its ability to absorb water which in turn softens the stool. When your diet contains fiber, it becomes impossible for you to have chronic constipation which is the leading cause of hemorrhoids.

Drink a lot of Water
Your body needs water for a lot of things. A lot of fluid is necessary for your digestive system to function as it is supposed to. According to studies that have been done, lack of enough fluids in the body can lead to severe hemorrhoids. A lot of water can help soften your stool, and this makes it more manageable. This, in turn, reduces the irritation felt near the anal area when one has hemorrhoids, and it also helps in making sure that the inflamed vessels heal faster.

Try Using Aloe Vera
If you are looking for an anti-inflammatory agent, aloe vera is one of the best, and it is also natural. It has been used to treat a variety of skin conditions and it can also soothe the inflamed areas and reduce the pain that one feels. If you have hemorrhoids, you can use a gel that has aloe vera, or you can even get wet wipes that contain aloe vera that you can use instead of dry tissue. Aloe vera has the ability to reduce the swelling and inflammation that is usually caused by hemorrhoids to a large extent.

Try Having a Warm Bath or Salt Bath
You can also try having a warm bath or a salt bath as a home treatment method. If you are looking for something to reduce the swelling while having a warm bath, you can always add apple cider vinegar to your water. Moreover, if you choose to have a salt bath, you can use Epsom salts which are usually effective at providing relief and minimizing irritation.

Pain Reliving Medication
Finally, since hemorrhoids can be painful, you can try using pain-relieving medication. One example of an effective painkiller that you can get is ibuprofen. They can help reduce the pain significantly.

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