Everyone sleeps a little easier atop a mattress that suits their needs and preferences well. For most people, this means a mattress that provides significant support but also yields just enough in the right places. It also requires that a mattress remains cool even when the ambient temperature is warm, a feat that can be difficult to achieve. As the review found at this hyperlink points out, however, the Puffy mattress checks all these boxes for many.

A Cool, Comfortable, Supportive Night’s Sleep

A mattress that comes up short in any one, significant way can lead to lots of frustration and nocturnal unpleasantry. Unfortunately, quite a few mattresses on the market do exactly that, leaving owners feeling restless and unsatisfied.

The Puffy mattress has developed a reputation for succeeding in all the most important ways, and that translates into a better night’s sleep for many who own it. In particular, reviewers regularly praise Puffy features such as:

  • Gel-infused foam. Many memory foam mattresses capture too much heat, leaving otherwise comfortable owners feeling sweaty and stifled. The designers of the Puffy opted to use a special material for the mattress’s crucial upper layer that does not suffer from this weakness. With a proprietary type of gel being mixed in alongside polyurethane to form the foam, heat is conducted away as quickly as the human body can generate it. That contributes to a cooler, more comfortable feeling that anyone will be able to appreciate.
  • Breathable cover. Surprisingly many mattresses also do a bad job of allowing the skin to breathe because of poor choices of materials. The cover of a mattress might normally be unseen underneath sheets and the like, but it contributes to comfort, as well. The material used to cover the Puffy mattress is as breathable as can be, allowing for better heat transfer along with improved air circulation. That also translates directly into a cooler and more comfortable sleeping experience.

Mattress Reviewers are Impressed

With the Puffy mattress also featuring a supportive layer of dense foam down below, the overall package is one that many reviewers appreciate. As a result, the Puffy consistently receives some of the highest ratings of all online, making it a top choice at many sites like the one linked earlier.